Colored Angora Goats are an ideal small farm alternative. A manageable size for men, women and youth (mature bucks weigh 125-175 pounds & mature does 80-100 pounds, considerably less than other goat or sheep breeds), angora goats have quizzical and entertaining personalities that add to their charm. Their luxurious mohair fiber adds warmth and durability to any garment and is ideal for handspinning and craft use.

We encourage you to visit a breeder near you to learn more about how Colored Angora Goats might fit into your farming future!


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Until recent years, angora goats were bred solely for white mohair. While genetically challenging, breeding Colored Angora Goats is eminently rewarding! Learn more about breeding for color >



We're an organization on the move! Founded in 1998, the Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association is the registry and representing body for Colored Angora Goats in the United States and Canada.

2014 CAGBA Nationals

Iowa State Fair - "NOTHING COMPARES"

Des Moines, Iowa

August 16-17, 2014


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