We had our program on our colored Angora goats on RFD-TV just before Christmas.What a show it was. LZ and her crew did a fantastic job of introducing our goats in a one half hour program. The program included a little history, good information on nutritional needs, an inspection for registration, fiber processing from fleece to finished garments, handspinners at work, some farm footage, and lots of other good shots around the show in Lewisburg WV. LZ didn't miss much in her day with us and has put together a great story.

If you are interested in a copy of this program they can be purchased for $19.95. This includes shipping and handling.

Send your order to:

The Goat Show
P.O. Box 404
Aledo, TX 76008.

I would like to thank the following farms and businesses for their contributions to make this program about our colored Angora goats on RFD-TV possible.

Stan Sours, CAGBA President

Sara and Vernon Bewley
Hill Shepherd Farm, Killbuck OH.

Jeff and Carol Ronan Ronan Country Fibers,
Grants Pass, OR

Sandi Young and Howard Gendler
Buckeye Farm, Mountain Ranch, CA.

Sandra Erpelding
S&R Angoras, Arlington, WA

Dawn and Mike Allen
Rainbow Ranch, Bly, OR.

Stan and Judy Sours
Ferncrest Farm, Round Mountain, CA.

Dawn Lantz
Willow Creek Farm, Roy, WA.

Cheryl Meyer
Hidden Valley Ranch, Kimball, NE

Ken Steblein
Texas Select Fiber Farm, Hitchcock, TX

Robert and Cindy Davis
Bark-n-Holler Farm, Corning, CA.  

Laurel Orthmeyer
Blue Cloud Angoras, Helena, MT.

Gretta Mac Intyre
Firethorn Farm, Avella, PA.

Lisa Shell
Kai Ranch, Lexington, TX

Norman and Cassandra Nass
The Goat Garden, Land O' Lakes, WI

Otto Strauch
Strauch Fiber Equipment, New Castle, VA.

Laura and Joe Arseneau
Tomahawk Ranch, Parker, CO.

Jane Ferree
Walnut Cove Wool Works, Walnut Cove NC.

Diane Coon
Coon Hollow, Hamilton, MT

Randy Shumaker
Eureka Mohair, Sanger, CA.

Polly Holmes
2JP Ranch, Silver Springs NV.

Chata Clayton
Mohare Farms, Terra Bella, CA

Bill and Ethel Britton
Ewe Kids Farm, Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada

Sharon Chestnutt
Cloudspun Angoras, Monroe, OR.

Teresa Bricker
Highland Ridge Farm, Beaver Creek, OR.


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